Wisdom Writes

Silvana is a strong advocate for creativity as an effective tool for improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and just because it’s fun!

Regardless of the form used, whether it’s writing, designing a garden or print making, creative work can be healing as it provides an outlet for self expression and importantly, can lead to self-discovery.

Silvana has experienced the healing effects of creative expression after a health challenge forced her to stop, take stock and re-evaluate her values and goals. Physically too unwell to do much, she took a friend’s advice and recalled what she loved most and that was writing. She took up journaling and then started a blog, to help others on a similar health journey.

Part of that journey was overcoming imposter syndrome, along with other insecurities that came from writing online. Her stop/start approach to blogging caused many headaches but was also the catalyst for change. She explored the blocks that she’d created and is now happily back in full swing writing on a more regular basis.

​She hopes to share the many insights she’s gained after living in both the light and shadow side of the human mind.

She’d love to write for any publication that seeks to explore human nature, both the inspiring and the despairing, to explore insights and wisdom that has come from those who have previously travelled the same path. To share any wisdom that allows us to grow and be a better version of ourselves.

Medium Writer

To further support her work as a writer, Silvana writes on the Medium platform. Visit her site here.

Published Work

Silvana’s first short story was published in the Allsorts Anthology (Book 2019).  Book link here.

You can view my art-play here


You can read my blog here

Website Management

Silvana manages the website for Hawkeye Books, assists with public relations activities and occasionally writes news stories for the Hawkeye website.