Wisdom Writes

Silvana has always loved writing. In childhood it was magical fairytales, as a teen it was angst-filled poetry and lyrics about love and heartbreak. In 2014 prompted by a health crisis she started a blog to help others facing similar challenges. There have been many bumps, stops and starts along the writing journey, but the bumps and twists are what compel us to grow or remain stagnant.

For Silvana, it was perfectionism that caused the most grief and disrupted the flow of creativity that was trying manifest. Finally acknowledging that she is a creative person by nature, she overcame her fears and continued to write with greater conviction.

Over time, she learnt that creativity has the power to heal. She is a strong advocate for creativity as an effective tool for improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and just because it’s fun!

Regardless of the form used, whether it’s writing, garden design, photography or print making, creativity provides an outlet for self expression and can help us discover our true self.

​She hopes to share the many insights she’s gained after living in both the light and shadow side of the human mind.

Silvana loves to write about human development and how our upbringing sets the scene for the type of person we become, the challenges of stretching and questioning our beliefs, overcoming perfectionism and self-criticism. She’s also loves to write about creativity, the healing benefits of nature and how we can live more sustainably on our precious planet.

Silvana would love to write for any publication that shares her interests and values and a strong desire to help others become better versions of themselves.

Medium Writer

To further support her work as a writer, Silvana writes on the Medium platform. Visit her site here.

Published Work

Silvana’s first short story was published in the Allsorts Anthology (Book 2019).  Book link here.

You can view my art-play here


You can read my blog here

Website Management

Silvana manages the website for Hawkeye Books and occasionally writes news stories for the Hawkeye website.