Wisdom Self-Care

Wisdom Cares

Helping others helped Silvana improve her health. Despite feeling unwell, by doing something achievable, like writing a blog to help others on a similar journey, she stopped focussing on herself and realised she could still do something useful and contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Having worked in communications, as a counsellor and in pastoral care, she learnt that there are times when we need support with life’s challenges. 

Sometimes help can come from an insight shared in a book, or a blog. She hopes that her readers will experience these kinds of helpful insights through her written offerings. 

If you are struggling right now, seek the help of an experienced counsellor. Silvana also encourages journal writing because it can help us access our own wisdom and answers.

Meditation, contemplative prayer, mindfulness, time in nature and engaging in creative pursuits are  also healing and calming, especially for anyone suffering with anxiety and depression.

She shares more about her own experiences with various techniques on her blog here. ‚Äč

The Path to Wholeness

Here are some simple things you can do to help support yourself on your journey to better physical, mental and spiritual health.

Nurturing Ourselves

Relaxing in a bath, foot bath or simply enjoying the sound of trickling water can be very relaxing and soothing. Walking near a lake, river or the ocean is also uplifting. Hydrating yourself is also important so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Tea Time!

Making time to make and enjoy a simple cup of tea can be an extremely relaxing, nurturing and healthy pastime, particularly if you choose herbal teas.  In our fast paced world, allowing yourself just a short amount of time to simply sit, and enjoy a freshly made tea is a wonderful way to nurture yourself.

Nurturing through Nature

Because we come from nature, it’s important to reconnect with our natural environment. It helps us recharge our batteries and tap into our natural source of wellbeing. Spend some time in a garden, a park or simply buy some fresh flowers. Just looking at mother nature is healing for mind, body and soul.

Joys of Journaling

Journaling has been shown to be highly beneficial in bringing peace to an overworked mind. At times, ideas will continually swirl in our heads, so by writing them down, it sends a singal to our brain that the matter has been noted and a sense of letting go can occur. Plus, by writing concerns down, sometimes we can see the solution more clearly. It’s a gentle and healing practice.