​​Silvana loves using her imagination, whether it’s writing a story, or making something with her hands. 

She discovered that artistic expression was part of her healing process, and that trying different forms of creativity formed part of the journey. Plus, there were times when paint on paper, or creating something tangible worked better, when words could not be found or would suffice. She has explored using art and creativity as her own form of healing therapy. 

Silvana discovered that creativity was a great antidote to perfectionism. Perfectionists find it hard to let go, to play, try new things and make a mess. They worry about wasting time and resources, and yet, the creative process calls for complete surrender, to know that it is in the making that we learn. She loves to write about perfectionism and the creative journey. 

Silvana also discovered that our passions can also  have other positive side effects. For example, she uses her sewing skills to make quilts for sick kids and helps the environment by making reusable shopping bags. 

Below is just a smattering of her creative play at work.

​You can see more via her Instagram page.